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Specially formulated by a Board Certified leading bariatric surgeon, Baritrack Essential Multivitamins are a combination of key nutrients needed post weight loss surgery catered specifically for the bariatric patient needs.

Many wonder “why can’t I take any old vitamin pill after bariatric surgery?” Due to the decreased size of the stomach following a gastric sleeve or bypass procedure normal pill vitamins occupy necessary space within the newly resized gastric pouch and can sit there for many hours. Also pills taken on an empty stomach can cause ulcers around the newly healed staple line. As a result, it is imperative for bariatric patients to take a liquid multivitamin.

Another question one may ask, “what does the BariTrack Multivitamin do for me that any other liquid multivitamin does not?” Bariatric patients who have received Gastric Sleeve or Bypass procedures are known to be deficient in the absorption of specific vitamins due to the nature of their surgery. The vitamins include Vitamin D, vitamin B12, Biotin, and other B vitamins. Our Multi-vitamin takes these deficiencies in absorbance following surgery into account, and increases the daily intake to compensate for these losses. It will also help prevent any hair loss you may get from significant weight loss.

Priced at just 66¢ a day, BariTrack Essential Multivitamin is a cost effective pathway to health. We especially formulated this vitamin blend to give the recommended dosages needed for a long and vibrant life.

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